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Mr. @ParanomSun at the @jonglass_ studio session at Surefire. Murdered!

We all need this ferocious confidence. @kingambro of Boston.

Come on then!!! #wcw

Died when I seen this. Just wait for it… #cosbyshow

[Producer Spotlight] @IAmCam of @JusticeLeague

cam justice league

Happy to put the spotlight on Cam of J.U.S.T.I.C.E League: who seems like a very humble guy and I am very impressed with his beats. He has worked with Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and many more. But more importantly, his talent is evident – not a trap/limited talent producer. The real deal.

Here’s a track the Vegas producer manufactured that I love called “Cocoa Butter Kisses” with Chance ft…

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@SmooveGang_Walt- Smoke 2 This Ft @Quan_Kameen (Prod. Galaxy)

New track by Wendall Scott and Q-Major, produced by Galaxy. A 4/20 release! Galaxy is an absolute beast on the beats. I’m very impressed with the quality of this video. The verses are on point  - so this gives the song a complete package. Q Major starts it off and does a solid job, bringing energy.

Every time I see a big video…

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I hate when people do this on the road and beep their horn. Have some patience #snails

Vote for Pedro toy at friends house!

[Inspiration Monday] @GiveIt100 & Miss Nosanchuk: What We Can Learn From 2nd Graders

To start your week off right, Producers United will now be having this “Inspirational Monday” series. We are proud to have the feature start off with inspiration taken from a site by our good friend Karen X Cheng (and Finbarr Taylor) of GiveIt100. Give it 100 is a platform where you can document your goals – to challenge yourself to reach something you’ve always wanted to do, in 100 days. There…

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Rain Check Monday Week 3: Plastic Dinosaurs (@todays4cast x K-No Supreme) - Shut Eye

His first two releases (#1 REKS “Hello Heaven” and #2 BoyCott Blues “iKnow” were extremely successful releases).

Rain of Producers United x The Brain Trust now drops his third throwback release: this one called “Shut Eye” with K-No Supreme of Frankensteez. Enjoy!

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Signing off,
Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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This is what I love about the Internet. #potato

DIED #lol

Real friends: know who’s trying to use you, and make sure you value yourself. If you are nice to everyone, everyone will take advantage of you.

"PDMG my conglomerate, check the booth-work"! - @whoismrfritz

Fritz murdering on this song that has been on Jamn 94.5 many times!